Simulate and visualize key trends in market prices and uncertainty down to the sub-hourly level.

Report VaR, CFaR/GMaR, and MtM for physical assets, financial contracts, and hybrid portfolios.

Understand future value and uncertainty for generation, storage, renewable, and financial assets.

Use the ReAssure analytics suite to compute market value, production uncertainty, and cash flow for renewable projects and PPAs.

Understand return uncertainty, identify optimal hedges, and perform trade- or portfolio-level sensitivity/scenario analysis.



Volatile financial markets, unpredictable customer demand, and constantly-changing regulations all mean uncertainty for organizations in the power sector.’s advanced market analysis, portfolio analytics, and cash flow reporting help the power industry hedge risks, forecast revenues, and protect value amid uncertainty.


cQuant’s ReAssure renewable energy analytics suite helps project developers, energy offtakers, and financiers understand real-time interactions between generation intermittency and market price uncertainty. ReAssure is a new way to easily monitor value and risk for renewable projects and PPAs over the long term.


Energy markets move fast and the concepts of value and risk for trades and complex structured transactions can be opaque. offers traders on-demand access to sophisticated energy-focused models for everything from MtM and VaR reporting to third-party valuation of physical, financial, and hybrid deal structures.


Notoriously uncertain market prices for oil, natural gas, and other fossil fuels generate risk for fuels market participants with physical assets or financial contracts.’s analytics are designed to expose key areas of uncertainty and reveal hedging strategies to protect profit margins against unexpected market moves.

Portfolio Cash Flow Reporting/Scenario Analysis

Understand expected future cash flow and uncertainty related to market prices and physical operations.


Renewable PPA Valuation

Assess fair market value and uncertainty for wind and solar power purchase agreements.

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