Community Choice Aggregation

Make Energy Portfolio Management Seamless With CCA Analytics

cQuant's cloud-based analytic solutions aid Community Choice Aggregators in handling complex portfolios within today’s erratic energy landscape. CCA analytics must be able to model the whole portfolio of retail load, legal requirements, renewable & storage assets, optimize hedges, and report net position within one comprehensive solution. Utilize your portfolio, lower risk and manage regulatory standards within cQuant’s cloud-native platform. Two of the most essential capabilities
for CCAs are PPA valuation and energy hedging.

  • Report net position as well as net-position-at-risk (NPaR)
  • Simulate weather, load and market prices
  • Price and forecast retail load
  • Forecast renewable generation
  • Improve storage
  • Track portfolio characteristics such as RECs, GHG, RA, etc.
  • Value complex power purchase agreements (PPAs)

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