Your analytic models, all in one place

The cQuant energy analytics platform delivers sophisticated analytics for modern work environments. Empower your team to do more, wherever they may be.

“In a rapidly evolving and volatile energy market, all participants need access to targeted analytic solutions and architectures that support automation, robust data management and scalability.’s analytic platform delivers on this vision.”

- Sid Dash, Research Director at Chartis

Features & benefits

Retire complex
spreadsheets and
legacy tools

Choose from a library of analytic models, design a custom workflow, build custom reports and dashboards.

Features & benefits

Your analytic models,
all in one place

Retire complex spreadsheets and legacy tools

Choose from a library of analytic models, design a custom workflow, build custom reports and dashboards.

Natively built for the cloud
Fast, scalable, secure

No software deployments or IT projects. Login from anywhere and experience analytics made easy.

World’s largest library of
energy models

Manage your entire portfolio in one place

Stay up to date with new analytic solutions as your portfolio changes.

Flexible API
Seamlessly integrate and automate
your analytic workflows with other systems, data sources and data architectures.

On demand access
Empower your team to work remotely from anywhere at any time

Enable a modern workforce to accomplish more than ever before.

Intuitive user-interface
Easy to use and requires
very little training.

Your analytic teams will produce more powerful analytics, faster than ever before.

Tools to automate your workflow
cQuant makes enterprise
analytics easier with modern APIs and workflow automation tools.

Hook cQuant up to other software systems and data architectures.

Security at the heart every design decision
Trust that your
data is safe and secure

cQuant uses industry standard security practices, geographic duplication and, various
 safeguards like encrypting data both at rest and transit, two factor authentication and more to keep your data safe and secure.

Powerful Reports and Dashboards
In application data visualization and reports provide actionable insight at your fingertips

Flexible collaboration tools
Replace analytic silos
with collaborative decision making.

cQuant's platform provides users with the ability to work in group collaboration, individual sandboxes and share results across departments.

Scalable architecture
cQuant utilizes modern cloud computing technologies to scale technical resources to match analytic workflows. By leveraging the power of the cloud, cQuant can improve model runtimes by 10x-100x as compared to older legacy solutions.

Automate your workflow

Built for today's modern analytic environment.



With cQuant, your teams will produce better analysis without having to manage local hardware or software. Upgrade your analytic capability with market tested, sophisticated cQuant SaaS data analytic tools. cQuant makes analytics easy.

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