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For the energy industry's most challenging data-driven problems

At cQuant.io, we provide more than analytical software; we provide solutions for the energy industry’s most challenging data-driven problems. Our models integrate with up- and down-stream business processes and with each other to create actionable business insights, not just piles of data. Below are some of the ways that cQuant.io can help provide solutions for your organization’s most pressing quantitative analysis challenges.
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Market Simulation Suite

Simulate all your portfolio’s risk factors down to the sub-hourly level including forward & spot prices, retail & wholesale demand, and intermittent renewable generation.

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Renewables & Storage

Evaluate existing or proposed renewable projects and PPAs and report fair market value, cash flow timing, value of storage, and project/contract risk.

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Portfolio & Risk Management

Calculate net position and position-at-risk for cash flow/gross margin, energy, and renewable attributes for portfolios of physical and financial energy assets.

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Asset Valuation & Management

Value thermal, renewable, and storage assets, design and test customized hedging or operational strategies, and value complex structured transactions.

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Trade Analysis

Evaluate and assess portfolio-wide impacts for a broad range of trades from standard swaps and options to bespoke HRCOs, RPOs, PPAs, and other structured transactions.

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Consulting Services

Leverage cQuant’s experienced team of PhD quants and model developers as “peaking” resources for your near-term analytical needs.

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