Renewable Energy


Use the ReAssure analytics suite to compute market value, production uncertainty, and cash flow for renewable projects and PPAs.

null’s ReAssure suite of models is designed to uncover the true value and intermittency risk of renewable generation. Whether you’re developing a new project, valuing a power purchase agreement (PPA), or operating an existing asset, cQuant’s advanced renewable energy analytics will give you the assurance you need to take decisive action in today’s rapidly-evolving renewable landscape.

Some key capabilities of the renewable energy analytics solution include:

  • Hourly Monte Carlo simulation of site-specific renewable production and market prices for robust PPA valuation and project revenue forecasting.
  • Pricing of project-specific production swing risk.
  • Monthly settlement cash flow analysis for virtual PPAs including uncertainty/risk assessment and visualization.

Active management of renewable assets and PPAs is becoming more commonplace, even for organizations who aren’t focused on understanding complicated energy markets. cQuant’s renewable energy analytics solution provides the data-driven intelligence needed to track project and PPA value over time, identify risk from production intermittency, and take steps to reduce future cash flow uncertainty. Models leverage hourly simulations of market prices and renewable generation to price swing risk, forecast monthly settlement amounts for virtual contracts, and understand how production and market prices drive value in real time.

Market evolution, regulatory reform, and even climate change can erode financial assumptions about the value of renewable production that were valid on a facility’s commercial operation date or the date a PPA was signed. These changes can mean inability to service debt for project owners and significant write-downs for PPA contract holders.’s renewable energy analytics solution monitors the value of your renewable project or PPA to provide early warning signs for adverse market moves and critical insight required to actively protect asset value.

With detailed project-specific analysis, granular simulation-based methodology, and intuitive reporting, ensures that your organization can keep pace with the fast-changing renewable energy market.


Renewable Project Valuation

Forecast future production value and understand revenue uncertainty from new or existing solar and wind projects.


Renewable PPA Valuation

Assess fair market value and uncertainty for wind and solar power purchase agreements.

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