Renewables & Storage


Understand market value, generation intermittency, & cash flow timing, for renewable projects/PPAs & battery storage assets.

cQuant’s ReAssure® suite of models is designed to uncover the true value and risk of renewable generation and battery storage. cQuant’s industry-leading analytics provide unparalleled insights for prospecting new renewable and storage projects, valuing power purchase agreements (PPAs), and managing complex portfolios of energy assets and contracts.

Hourly Monte Carlo simulation of site-specific renewable production and market prices for robust PPA valuation and project revenue forecasting.

Co-optimization of battery storage operation energy and multiple ancillary services products.

Intuitive, interactive dashboarding to quickly condense analytical results into actionable intelligence.

Active management of renewable assets, PPAs, and storage assets is essential amid today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, even for organizations whose primary mission lies outside the complicated energy markets. cQuant’s renewables and storage solution provides the data-driven intelligence needed to track project and PPA value over time, identify risk from production intermittency, and take steps to reduce future cash flow uncertainty. Models leverage hourly simulations of market prices and renewable generation and combine these with a sophisticated battery optimization engine to understand how energy production and market prices drive value in real time.

cQuant’s powerful analytics allow users to:

  • Increase confidence in supply procurement decision-making by comparing fair market value across multiple projects.
  • Improve risk visibility for single projects/contracts and at the portfolio level.
  • Quickly develop and test scenarios on future market conditions, portfolio structure, contract sizing/terms, and more.
  • Report net position and net position at risk for attributes including cash flows, energy (MWh), renewable energy certificates (RECs), greenhouse-gas-free (GHG-Free) credits, resource adequacy, and more.

With detailed project-specific analysis, granular simulation-based methodology, and intuitive dashboarding, provides the tools required to keep pace with the fast-changing renewable energy market.

Use cases

Renewable Project Valuation

Forecast future production value and understand revenue uncertainty from new or existing solar and wind projects.

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Use cases

Assessing the Value and Risk of Multiple PPA Structures

Assess the value and risk of several PPA offers, each with different prices, contractual terms, technologies, and geographic locations.

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