Energy Utility Analytics, Made Easier

cQuant energy analytics platform (sometimes categorized with ETRM system solutions) assists utilities with energy asset management and overseeing their complicated portfolios within today’s uncertain energy landscape. Utility analytics must be able to model the whole portfolio of retail load, transmission, regulatory needs, thermal, renewable, storage assets, and physical and financial transactions, all within a holistic framework. Utilize your portfolio, lessen risk, and handle regulatory requirements within cQuant’s cloud-native platform.

  • Simulate weather, load and market prices
  • Value and forecast retail load
  •  Improve your generation and storage resources
  • Keep track of portfolio characteristics like RECs, GHG, RA, etc.
  • Value simple and complicated contracts
  • Enhance hedge strategy
  • Report overall portfolio exposure & risk mitigation
  • Share analytics within groups and across departments

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