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Press Releases and Yes Energy Announce a Powerful Multifaceted Partnership and Yes Energy Announce a Powerful Multifaceted Partnership and Yes Energy Announce a Powerful Multifaceted Partnership

January 10, 2024 (cQuant), an industry leader in analytics for portfolio management and asset valuation, has partnered with Yes Energy®, a leader in North American power market data, to allow customers access to Yes Energy’s foundational power market data within the cQuant Energy Analytics Platform as well as enable the development of new and cutting-edge products. 

Via the new integration, cQuant customers can use Yes Energy’s analysis-ready market price data directly through cQuant, automatically at model runtime. This eliminates the burden of manual data retrieval and translation, making the process faster and easier for cQuant customers.

“cQuant partnering with Yes Energy is significant on many levels. The ability to derive meaningful results for the cQuant Energy Analytics Platform depends on uploading high-quality data, and Yes Energy has built an impressive reputation for the quality and value of its energy market data. Even more importantly, the two organizations will be able to create and bring to market next-level solutions leveraging the unique talents and market positions of both companies,” said David Leevan, CEO of cQuant.

In addition to cQuant customers gaining access to Yes Energy’s data, this partnership presents the opportunity for an expansive line of co-created and market-oriented data products. Participation in the Powered by Yes Energy™ program will enable cQuant to develop new analytical and data product offerings in lockstep with the ongoing energy transition. cQuant and Yes Energy are already in the process of creating new data products, slotted for release in the first quarter of 2024.

“cQuant has brought much needed innovation to the portfolio risk and optimization needs of the energy industry with a team of impressive experts,” said Isaac Velander, VP of Product at Yes Energy. “Yes Energy is on a mission to provide the critical data needed to power all of the decisions being made in the competitive energy markets and this partnership with cQuant is an important milestone in that mission.” 

The integration is now available, and all cQuant customers who are interested in accessing the integrated Yes Energy data should contact cQuant to learn how they can leverage this data inside the cQuant family of analytic solutions.  

About is an industry leader in analytic solutions for energy and commodity companies. Specializing in Total Portfolio Analysis, cQuant’s cloud-native platform enables physical asset, financial contract, market simulation and risk management analytics in one place. cQuant is the leader in analytics for renewable, storage and other clean energy technologies. cQuant’s customers have greater insight into their financial forecasts and the drivers of value and risk in their business.

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