Trade Analysis


Understand return uncertainty, identify optimal hedges, and perform trade- or portfolio-level sensitivity/scenario analysis.

null offers a suite of trade analysis and reporting tools custom-tailored to the unique needs of the energy finance sector. From value at risk (VaR) and mark to market (MtM) reporting to structured transaction deal valuation and cash flow reporting, cQuant provides the data-driven insight traders need to transact with confidence.

Some key capabilities of the trade analysis solution include:

  • Deal valuation, from vanilla products to complex structured transactions, including hybrid structures with physical and financial components.
  • Hedge effectiveness and risk reduction value assessment.
  • MtM, VaR, and future cash flow distribution analysis at the individual trade and total portfolio levels.

Transacting in today’s highly volatile energy markets requires quick decision-making based on precise and robust analytics.’s cloud-based energy analytics platform puts powerful analysis in the hands of energy market participants, allowing them to asses deals from every angle. Correlated Monte Carlo price simulations provide a probabilistic view of future market conditions and facilitate scenario analysis on forward curves and trade volumes. These simulations provide a solid foundation on which to build valuations for complex deals, such as full or partial requirements load contracts and other structured transactions.

Additionally, cQuant’s trade analysis solution includes dispatch optimization and cash flow reporting models for thermal generation, storage, and renewable assets. This allows users to asses value and risk for hybrid transactions and portfolios that include both physical and financial components. The simulation-based approach provides insight into distributions of future cash flows, enabling rigorous evaluation of hedge effectiveness and risk reduction value in a portfolio context.

In today’s energy markets, not having access to the best data analytics is not only a competitive disadvantage, it’s a financial liability.’s trade analysis solution provides the analytical power your organization needs to stay ahead of the market.


Market Forecasting

Simulate future market prices consistent with observed historical trends in price uncertainty down to the sub-hourly level.


Mark-to-Market (MtM) Reporting

Track current market value for a portfolio of physical and financial assets.

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