Asset Valuation


Understand future value and uncertainty for generation, storage, renewable, and financial assets individually or at the portfolio level.

For robust valuation of thermal generating assets, wind and solar farms, storage facilities, and full or partial requirements load contracts, a simulation-based approach is a must. offers several analytic simulation frameworks for understanding asset value and uncertainty down to the sub-hourly level.

Some key capabilities of the asset valuation solution include:

  • Asset value computation starting from hourly simulations of price, generation, and load to capture intra-day dynamics in operation and price/load uncertainty.
  • Portfolio-level diversification and hedge effectiveness assessment.
  • Extrinsic value quantification (the value of uncertainty) and simulation of how this value actualizes within real-time energy markets.

With generation, customer demand, and electricity prices constantly changing in real time, valuing energy assets can be a challenging exercise.’s valuation approach captures the essential hourly and sub-hourly market dynamics that create asset value. Sophisticated analytic models simulate market prices, optimize generation and storage dispatch, and reflect important locational attributes of intermittent renewable generation. The result is a market-consistent representation of true asset value from the sub-hourly level through the operational lifetime.

The simulation-based approach not only provides an estimate of expected asset value, but also reveals the true uncertainty in this estimate. All valuations based on forecasted prices are uncertain, but deterministic approaches provide no insight into just how likely the quoted future value is to be realized. By simulating the range of possible future scenarios with a probability of occurrence attached to each,’s valuation solution paints a complete picture of value and uncertainty, providing actionable insight to inform risk mitigation strategies.

With rigorous simulation modeling, uncertainty quantification, and an efficient, easy-to-use interface, provides you with the analytical power you need to be confident in your asset valuation.


Thermal Generating Asset Valuation

Assess future value, cash flow, and uncertainty for dispatchable thermal energy generating assets.


Renewable Project Valuation

Forecast future production value and understand revenue uncertainty from new or existing solar and wind projects.

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