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cQuant’s ReAssure renewable energy analytics suite helps project developers, energy offtakers, and financiers understand real-time interactions between generation intermittency and market price uncertainty. ReAssure is a new way to easily monitor value and risk for renewable projects and PPAs over the long term.

Renewable project developers, asset owners, and generation offtakers understand that the benefits of renewable generation facilities come with a particular set of risks. Uncertainty in future power prices is magnified by intermittency in real-time electricity production, resulting in a unique value-risk profile for each individual project. High-level valuation approaches that don’t explicitly account for uncertainty in generation and market prices can dramatically overstate value or understate risk by ignoring these important real-time interactions.’s proprietary ReAssure advanced renewable analytics framework addresses a variety of challenges unique to the renewable energy space, including:

  • Renewable project and PPA fair market value analysis
  • Hourly wind and solar facility production simulation
  • Wind and solar resource assessment and uncertainty analysis
  • Market price simulation and forecasting
  • Project mark-to-market, value monitoring, and hedge analysis

All models are designed to capture important location-specific trends in renewable resource availability and corresponding market prices to provide custom-tailored analytical results for each individual project.

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