Webinars CCA Portfolio Management and Procurement Strategies

CCA Portfolio Management and Procurement Strategies

Brock Mosovsky, Ph.D.

Continuously-evolving regulatory requirements, the advent of more cost-effective battery storage technology bundled with renewable energy, and the emergence of innovative new contracting and risk mitigation structures continue to transform the landscape of CCA energy procurement. In a recent webinar, cQuant.io and 3CE highlighted some of the key risks CCAs are exposed to and discussed how these risks interact in complex ways as the energy portfolio grows.

Also featuring a live Q&A session, you will hear real-time answers from our energy industry and technology experts.

A few key points that are discussed are

  • Industry best practices to identify and quantify risks within a CCA portfolio.
  • Methodologies to assess which procurement options are “best” within the context of the broader energy portfolio.
  • Strategies and contracting structures that can be used to mitigate risk.

*To access the full Q&A list from the webinar, click here.

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