Energy Analytics Revolution is Here!

I have been writing recently about the risks associated with buying enterprise software, advances in cloud computing, and the benefits of software-as-a-service. I have tried to keep those articles fairly vendor agnostic. This article is going to be more self-serving. I am basically going to describe why we at decided to build a new type of energy analytics company. What is wrong …

“Bomb Cyclone” Highlights Need for Energy Risk Management

For many on the east coast, the end of 2017 brought more than Yuletide cheer and presents. A weather event called a “bomb cyclone” brought over a foot of snow followed by weeks of cold weather that ticked new record low temperatures in many of the northeastern United States. Many states experienced temperatures 20-30 degrees below normal and strong winds …

Mark-to-Market (MtM)

Compute mark-to-market value for a portfolio of financial contracts and report option Greeks.

Storage Dispatch Optimization

Optimize storage technology dispatch to real time power and ancillary services prices while maintaining operational constraints.

Load Forecasting

Forecast hourly or sub-hourly load over a user-defined time horizon by parameterizing a stochastic simulation model against historical data.

ReAssure Renewable Energy Valuation

Compute fair market value, forecast future energy production, and understand risk for renewable energy contracts and production facilities.

Cash Flow at Risk (CFaR)

Generate a cash flow at risk (CFaR) report for a portfolio of generation assets and financial positions or for the individual assets themselves.

Fair Weather Risk Management

I learned a valuable lesson about risk management the summer after I moved to Boulder, Colorado. Coloradans love to remind others (and each other) they get over 300+days of sunshine each year, and my first year in the state seemed to bear out this anecdotal wisdom. However, what all the jolly weather-snobs fail to mention is that Boulder is also …